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Acer palmatum 'Kandy Kitchen'

Acer palmatum 'Kandy Kitchen' boasts a nice spectrum of pink and reds in the spring that contrast well with older maroon colored leaves. Dark purple bark on the young branches further accentuate this amazing color scheme making this maple truly unique. As summer approaches, the leaves age to green to have another summer flush of red leaves making a two tone effect of reds and greens. The leaves then age to scarlet red in the fall. 'Kandy Kitchen' is an upright dwarf maple and reaches 4' tall x 3' wide in 10 years. An amazing year round interest shrub and it's small size makes it ideal for planters or the smaller garden.

Acer palmatum 'Kandy Kitchen' was discovered as a witches broom at Stupka Nursery in Pennsylvania, USA in 1990.