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Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Ogon'
(Golden Dawn Redwood)

Metasequoia (met-uh-see-KWOY-uh)
glyptostroboides (glip-toh-stroh-BOY-deez)

Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Ogon’ is renown for its chartreuse yellow needles that emerge in the spring. The delicate, fern-like gold foliage holds its color well into summer. In the fall, the deciduous foliage transforms into a rich orange color and eventually sheds to showcase a fissured bark for winter.

This cultivar is a quick grower which can average up to 12" (30cm) of growth per year. A fully mature specimen can reach over 20' (6.1m) tall in the right growing conditions. In areas of high heat, direct exposure to hot sun can burn the needles. Young trees are more prone to sun damage if not adequtely watered.

‘Ogon’ originated in 1974 in Japan. It was a seedling selected from a batch of seeds that were X-ray irradiated by the New Oji Paper Company. The original tree was planted in 1977 at the Kameyama breeding station (Institute for Forest Tree Improvement, New Oji paper co., Ltd, Mie, Japan). ‘Ogon’ translated means "gold coin".

It must be noted that this plant has been renamed and distibuted under other misleading nomenclature including 'Gold Rush' and 'Gold Mantle'. Regardless, ‘Ogon’ is the original recorded cultivar name that is the only one considered valid.