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Phyllostachys edulis 'Tubaeformis'

Native to the Hunan province in China, it is called 'Shengyin Zhu' in Chinese. Translated, it means 'Sacred or Holy Bamboo'. This variation of Phyllostachy edulis has compressed internodes which are prevalent only on the lower portions of the culms. These ornamental internodes are the main attraction and resemble trumpets or tubas stacked on top of eachother. Hence the name 'Tubaeformis'. Similar to the orignial form, the culms are covered in a fine velvety hair and has small delicate leaves. However, 'Tubaeformis' does not reach the enormous proportions of it's original form.

'Tubaeformis' is currently a very rare bamboo and was recently introduced into the private collection at Bamboo Botanicals.

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