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Phyllostachys edulis 'Multifarious'

This unique variation of Phyllostachy edulis has culms that produces some of the most diverse striations we have seen. Each culm that emerges has a unique characteristic. Some emerge a solid colour, fine pin striping, thick striping or combinations. It’s like having some of the rare moso’s (ie. Tao Kiang, Bicolor, Holochrysa and Luteosulcata) in one grove!! Hence the suiting name of 'Multifarious'. Always a treat to see what beauty emerges next. Unfortunately these patterns do not seem to be stable enough to last long term. We treat this moso like the perennial of bamboos as these patterns somewhat fade into summer. Definitely makes a stronger appreciation for the short time that we can see these stunning stripes.

'Multifarious' was discovered as a seedling from a batch of moso seeds. We have had it growing in the ground since 2014 now and has been consistently producing these patterns. Because it is a new introduction, dimensions and growth characteristics are still an unknown for now. We are pleased to have this in our private collection at Bamboo Botanicals.

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