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Phyllostachys edulis (Moso)

One of the more elegant and extraordinary bamboos, this is the world's largest hardy bamboo. Only a few tropical bamboos grow larger. In it's native environment, it can grow over 3' (1m) in one day! Here in the Pacific Northwest, it does not reach great proportions in the cooler climate. Branches are blanketed with copious amounts of fine, small delicate leaves. An extremely tall and very thick bamboo, it is recommended for large lots or gardens. 'Moso' is derived from the chinese words 'Mao Zhu', meaning hairy bamboo. Culms are covered with a very fine, velvety hair.

In China it grows as forests and covers vast areas of land. The culm wood is thick and widely used to make tools, utensils and for construction.

Watch a 24hr time lapse video of Moso growth