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Fargesia scabrida

Native to the high altitude mountains of the Sichuan province in China, Fargesia scabrida is found at elevations of 8500 feet (2600m). Of the clumping bamboos, Fargesia scabrida has some of the most stunning array of colours. New culms are covered with orange sheaths that eventually open to expose blue, purplish culms. As the culms age, they slowly fade to an emerald green. The elegant, green leaves are slender and grow in an open, draping habit.

Fargesia scabrida is a vigorous grower with culms that grow fairly upright. Combined with its tolerance of sun, hardiness and clumping growth habit, it is a highly desired bamboo in the landscape.

In its mountainous native habitat, it also serves as an important food source for the famous Giant Panda.