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Fargesia rufa
(Dragon Head Bamboo)

Native to the southwestern provinces of China, Fargesia rufa is known in Chinese as ‘Long-Tou Jian-Zhu’ which means Dragon Head Bamboo. 'Rufa' grows at elevations of 5000 to 7200 feet (1500 to 2200m).

'Rufa' is one of the earliest shooting and vigorous growing, sending numerous new culms annually. Because of it's quick growth, 'Rufa' is a great choice where excelled growth is desired. It is also one of the shortest growing of the Fargesias so it is most suitable for applications requiring a shorter bamboo screen.

Although it can withstand full sun, afternoon shade is preferred in areas with very warm climates. Combined with it's excellent cold hardiness, this makes Fargesia rufa very versatile in any landscape here in the Pacific Northwest.

Fargesia rufa is also an important food source for the famous Giant Panda.