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Fargesia jiuzhaigou '1'
(pronounced 'Ju-Zie-Gao')

Fargesia jiuzhaigou was originally collected from jiuzhaigou Park in the Sichuan province of China. 'jiuzhaigou' translated is the 'Valley Of Nine Villages', which was once a series of old Tibetan villages that once inhabited the valley.

There are currently ten cultivars numbered 1 to 10. jiuzhaigou '1' exhibits the brightest and most colorful culms. New culms emerge green but slowly age to varying tones of yellow. With the right amount of shade and sunlight, the culms turn a crimson red. The combination of old and new culms gives a colorful spectable of green, yellow and red. Together with the thin culms and small delicate leaves, this bamboo is one of the most visually stunning clumping bamboos.

Very cold hardy here in the Pacific Northwest and well suited for the outdoor garden. Although it can be grown in full sun, morning sun and afternoon shade will give the best red coloration on the culms.