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Bamboo Botanicals Collection at UBC Botanical Garden

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Bamboo Botanicals is very pleased to be exhibiting a portion of our bamboo collection at the UBC Botanical Garden.

Combined with some already existing bamboo at the UBC Botanical Garden, this collaboration will bring many exciting and unique bamboos from around the world and have them displayed right here in Vancouver. The Bamboo Botanicals Collection will provide the public with a great experience and opportunity to view and learn about bamboos.

Although this collection is just a very small portion of over 1400 bamboo species worldwide, it allows plant lovers and enthusiasts to peer into the wonderful world of this stunning, yet prehistoric plant. Over the course of the next several years, this ongoing project will see more bamboos being introduced into this collection as they become available. This collection will be one of the most comprehensive collections in Canada.

Although there will be some already established bamboo groves, the majority of the bamboos will be younger divisions. In the next few years, these bamboos will grow and develop into their own unique, individual characteristics. This will provide the opportunity to study the growth characteristics of each individual bamboo as they mature. There will be dwarf bamboos measuring just a few inches high to stunning, tall timber bamboos.

Project will commence Spring of 2013. The Bamboo Collection will be exhibited in the David C. Lam Asian Garden at the UBC Botanical Garden.