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Light And Temperature For Bamboo

The amount of light or temperature required for growing bamboo is varied among the different species of bamboo. In it's natural environment, bamboo can be found growing in full tropical sun to underneath shady canopies or mountain sides. Bamboo can be found growing on various continents, countries and altitudes. Each with it's own climate zones and temperatures. Picking a bamboo suitable for your growing environment is essential for the health and survival of your bamboo. See Bamboo Species for a listing of sunlight and temperature requirements for that particular species.

Minimum temperatures in Canada are varied throughout the country. These minimum temperatures are represented as climate zones in Canada. Canada is divided into nine climate zones (Zone 0 to 8). These nine climate zones are further broken down into sub-climate zones (ie. Zone 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b...). Each climate zone represents a range of minimum temperatures for each zone.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map Of Canada (click to enlarge)

Plant Hardiness Zone Map Of Canada

For a more detailed visual representation of your Canadian province or city, please visit Agriculture Canada's website. Here is a direct link to their Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

For the United States, a similar map can be found at The United States National Arboretum website.

Note that the above statistics do not take into account micro climates (ie. close to water, concrete structures, etc.).