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When planting the more invasive species of bamboo in the ground, installing bamboo barrier is strongly recommended. For more information please see Controlling Bamboo Spread.

Bamboo Botanicals carries HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bamboo barrier. HDPE material is recommended as it is chemical and ultraviolet resistant. It will not deteriorate when exposed to environmental elements. It is extremely strong, lightweight and yet maleable enough to work with.

Our bamboo barrier is made from HDPE plastic, 80mil (0.080") thick and 30" tall (when installed, it will be up to 30" deep in the ground).

Price is $4.50 per foot and is custom trimmed to any length up to 100'

Or save more by purchasing an entire 100 foot roll for $400.00 (equivalent to $4.00 per foot).