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Common Questions

Why is bamboo so expensive?

Bamboo seldom produces seed. Some bamboo species produce seed once every 120 years! The only other way to grow bamboo is by propagation (division or culm cuttings). This is labour intensive and time consuming to grow into a viable bamboo plant. Some species are extremely slow growers and can take more time to produce healthy plants for sale.

Will Bamboo take over my yard and spread into my neighbor's yard?

This will depend on the species. There are species that can be really invasive, some that spread moderately and some that are non-invasive. Choosing non-invasive species (clumping bamboos) will be easier to maintain and control. As for the more invasive species, proper installation and control methods can be implemented to prevent spread. See Controlling Bamboo Spread.

Can bamboo be grown in pots and how high will bamboo grow?

Yes, bamboo can be grown in pots. Bamboo height varies depending on the species and the size of pot they are grown in. The height of bamboo is proportionate to its root ball size. The bigger the pot, the bigger the root ball and that means the bigger the bamboo. See Bamboo In Containers.

How big are your potted plants?

The majority of our bamboos are grown in 5 gallon pot sizes and up. The sizes of bamboo vary depending on the species. For the most part, the majority of our 5 gallon bamboos average 6' in height (at least 2-3 culms each). The bigger the pots, the taller and thicker the bamboo. Below is a rough visual of bamboo grown in a 5 and 7 gallon pots.

Why is there such a wide range of heights for your description for each bamboo species?

There are many factors that will affect the growth potential of bamboo. This includes climate zone, geographic location, soil type, sun exposure, growing season and water/moisture. Under normal growing conditions here in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, the heights will be on the shorter end of listed range.

Bamboo Pot Sizes
Size comparison of 5gal and 7gal bamboo.

Will bamboo grow under pavement and grow through it?

Yes, it is possible for bamboo to grow underneath pavement. Unless if the pavement is already failing and crumbling, it is very unlikely that bamboo will burst through it. Because the structural integrity of pavement is seldom known, we do not recommend growing bamboo near sidewalks and roads. If you need to, use bamboo barrier or a containment method. See Controlling Bamboo Spread.

Isn't bamboo a tropical plant and will it grow here?

There are over 1400 species of bamboo worldwide and many still being discovered. Roughly half of them are tropical. The other half are considered hardy and most can grow right here in the Greater Vancouver area.

Do you ship bamboo plants?

Bamboo Botanicals is currently not set up to handle shipping orders.

When can bamboo plants be planted?

Bamboo plants can be planted anytime during the year. During the shooting seasons (spring to early summer), never disturb the root ball when transplanting or planting. After planting, water immediately.

Do you deliver bamboo plants?

Yes, we deliver plants for a nominal charge. We use a 3rd party for delivery services. Delivery is only available in the greater Vancouver area. Please inquire about local delivery charges.

Do you have display gardens for viewing?

Bamboo Botanicals' garden operation is currently not available for public viewing as it is a private collection. However, we do have a separate display lot where you may visit, view or purchase the majority of our bamboo plants. Arrangements are by appointment only. You can also visit the Bamboo Botanicals Collection at UBC to view and learn about bamboos.

Do you sell Lucky Bamboo?

Unfortunately, we do not sell Lucky Bamboo. Although the name is very misleading, Lucky Bamboo is not related to Bamboo at all. Lucky Bamboo is also known as Dracaena Sanderiana and is a species of the genus Dracaena (which is common among houseplants). The good news is that it is readily available at most garden centers and flower shops.