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Winter Weather Damage Advisory

Bamboo In The Snow

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March 2017 - The southern westcoast of British Columbia has experienced some of the coldest temperatures (and most prolonged) on record this past winter. Due to the harsh winter conditions, many of our bamboos have suffered leaf burn from the extreme wind chills. We are still getting snow falls in March!!! The growing season has definitely been pushed back. We hope the weather warms up soon so that the bamboos can renew and grow fresh new leaves to replace the damaged foliage.

We have received many inquiries from local residents regarding similar experiences this past winter. Although most of our bamboos at our nursery are very cold hardy, this past winter has tested the boundaries of their cold hardiness. At times wind chills reached -15C to -18C for prolonged periods (at least here at the nursery). We have never experienced temperatures of this degree so this is definitely an anomaly.

Here is some advice for those of you suffering from damage as a result of our winter carnage:

Leaf Burn - If the wind chill did not damage the leaf buds, new leaves should grow back in late Spring. This can range depending on the species. Wait until late spring and observe which branchs or culms grow leaves. Any dead branches can be cut and removed.

Broken Culms- If the heavy weight of snow snapped your culms, these can be cut and removed as they won't grow back. For a nicer cosmetic approach, cut down the entire culm from the ground.

While on the topic of maintenance, March is a good time to start applying fertilizer to your bamboo. Bamboo is a grass so any grass fertilizer will do just fine. Best fertilizers are the granular types with a 6 month slow release. This way, the bamboo gets a consistent dose of nutrients throughout the spring and summer. For more information see our section on Fertilizing Bamboo