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Clearing out our inventory of Fargesia jiuzhaigou '2'
(pronounced 'Ju-Zie-Gao')

Fargesia jiuzaigou 2

We are clearing out our entire inventory of Fargesia jiuzhaigou '2' at half price. It is a great time to get an awesome deal on these beauties. With Autumn here, it is also the best time to plant that 'green screen' you've been waiting for. Only 5gal sizes avaible. Regular price: $80.00. Clearance price: $40.00 + Taxes. Come early for the best selection of plants!!

Is Fargesia jiuzhaigou '2' right for your garden?

Fargesia jiuzhaigou '2' is a clumping (non-invasive) bamboo so your worries of mad bamboo taking over your yard is not a concern. With shallow rhizomes and root system, it is easy to root prune and maintain. Fargesia jiuzhaigou '2' is a shorter growing bamboo. In direct sun the culms turn a rusty, burgundy color. Together with the thin culms and small delicate leaves, this bamboo is one of the most remarkable bamboos.

NOTE: Although this cultivar is very cold hardy, the foliage is sensitive to cold winds. Unlike other bamboos, the Jiuzhaigou cultivars can sometimes shed almost all their leaves during times of heavy freezes and winds. The leaves do grow back in the spring. In some locations in our region, we treat this bamboo as a deciduous plant. This may be a disadvantage for those needing a year round screen. However, if you are not in your yard or patio in the cold winter, then the bare leaf look may not be a concern.

Optionally, Fargesia jiuzhaigou '2' can also be planted in some nice ornamental planters. See our section on Bamboo In Containers. We get many questions about how tall bamboo will get in a pot?? Well... this all depends on the size of your planter/pot and species. The bigger the pot, the taller the bamboo. Unfortunately Fargesia jiuzhaigoug does not get very tall in planters.

Here is a general estimate of expected heights for this cultivar in pots:

NOTE: The above estimates are what we have observed at our nursery. Other factors can affect height too (ie. sunlight, soil type, water, climate zone, etc.)