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Japanese Garden Design by Sakai Landscapeg

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Bamboo Botanicals is excited to have Kengo Sakai from Sakai Landscape design and build a small Japanese display garden at our bamboo nursery. We are looking forward to having a unique garden experience that can add more peace, tranquility and further compliment the surrounding bamboo at the nursery. With our nursery situated at the footsteps of nature, we are surrounded by the natural sounds of birds and wildlife. Combined with the wind rustling through the bamboo leaves, this Japanese garden will further enhance the Zen ambience.

Biography of Sakai Landscape and Design

Kengo Sakai completed his horticultural studies at the Tokyo Agricultural University in Japan. After his studies, Kengo went on to practice and master the skills of Japanese gardening and design for the next 7 years in Japan.

Shortly after coming to Canada, Kengo decided to broaden his gardening expertise by honing his skills and practicing more western styles of garden and landscape design. In 2010 Kengo started his own company, Sakai Landscape and Design. Kengo now has over 9 years of local gardening and design experience in Canada.

Sakai Landscape and Design is now a thriving business that has designed many innovative and unique garden projects throughout the lower mainland. With their diverse knowledge and experience, Sakai Landscape and Design has established themselves as one of the more renown local Japanese garden designers.

To see some of Sakai Landscape and Design's work, please visit their website or contact them below for inquiries.

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Sakai Landscaping
Address: 561 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC, V7N 2K9, Canada
Tel: 778-858-1516