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Warning About Bamboo Mites
January, 2013

Bamboo Mites have become an increasingly prevalent problem here in British Columbia. We get an overwhelming amount of questions regarding this bamboo pest. Most often when asked, these infected plants are purchased through ads posted online. Many gardeners and even some nurseries are either unaware or have a complete disregard and don't recognize the bamboo mite as a concern.

Although Bamboo Mites will not kill the bamboo, they cause very unsightly damage to the leaves. Bad infestations will make the bamboo look like as if were dying. Vibrant green leaves will look yellow and pale. The true beauty of bamboo is hard to appreciate when the leaves are getting slowly destroyed. Unless treated, the foliage will always have the unsitely appearance every year.

Once a bamboo plant is infested, Bamboo Mites are very difficult to erradicate. They can infect other surrounding bamboo plants at an alarming rate. Just simple brushing up against an infected bamboo elsewhere and coming home to your garden can introduce Bamboo Mites onto your plants.

When buying bamboo plants, always purchase from a reputable establishment or grower. Although prices can be attractive buying through ads, always be vigilant and inspect the bamboo before you purchase them. You may end up spending more money just to treat the infected bamboo. Use the following images to better prepare yourself on what to look for.

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