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Bamboo Botanicals supports green initiatives

Bamboo Botanicals initially started as a private garden with a collection of many rare bamboos from around the world. Currently this ever increasing private collection contains some of the most diverse and unique bamboo plants in Canada.

As a sustainable plant, bamboo is increasingly being recognized for it's many benefits and uses in the gardens, landscapes and industries. With the ever increasing demand of bamboo, a separate bamboo nursery was established to delight many garden enthusiasts and landscapers alike. Bamboo Botanicals was born. As a specialty nursery, we specialize in many rare and ornamental bamboos, conifers and Japanese maples.

Here at Bamboo Botanicals, we live and breathe bamboos. Our passion, pride and dedication for bamboos extends to all the bamboos grown in our garden and nursery. All our bamboos are individually tended to. They are individually trimmed, pruned and cleaned to maintain maximum aesthetic appeal. Inspection is conducted on a regular basis for pests and diseases. Newly propogated bamboos are ensured they are well established and healthy before they are made available for sale.

Respecting and appreciating our one and only planet, we also support many green initiatives and implement many green practices around the garden and nursery.

Our website is also an excellent online resource for learning and appreciating bamboo. We hope you enjoy discovering our website and enriching your knowledge of this wonderful plant!